46% of the youth in our nation woke up this morning without a dad at home. In urban areas, it is as high as 78%. This year, over 750,000 kids in the US will attempt suicide because they feel that their lives are without purpose. In every state, our juvenile detention facilities are overflowing and prescription drugs for behavioral disorders and depression among teenagers is at an all time high.


Our Mission - a strategy for change

The Men of Honor & Ladies of Honor Strategy combines powerful weekend camps and weekly one-hour discipleship meetings, using our character-specific Men of Honor (TM) or Ladies of Honor (TM) Curriculum, as well as the Ed Cole Majoring in Men (TM) curriculum.

The program focuses on:

  • Chivalry

  • Honor

  • Rites of Passage

  • The Father’s Blessing

  • Courageous Leadership

  • Moral Excellence


The Men of Honor and Ladies of Honor program is easily adapted for use in a variety of locations where children and young people are commonly served, including:

  • Churches – as a weekly Sunday School or Wednesday night program to create world-changers for Christ!

  • Schools – As a before or after school club to impact the entire school and community!

  • Recreation Centers – Reach out to “At Risk” kids and impact generations!

The Men and Ladies of Honor program is ... the answer to our crime epidemic.
— DJ Hilson, Muskegon County Prosecutor

The men & ladies of honor of muskegon

The National Men & Ladies of Honor program was founded by Tony & Melissa Rorie in Dallas, Texas in 2003. The Muskegon chapter was launched as an extension of the national program but under its own 501(c)3 in 2008 under the direction of Pastor Tim Cross. The Muskegon chapter is responsible for all clubs in Muskegon county. If you are outside of Muskegon and interested in becoming a part of The Men & Ladies of Honor, we would be happy to assist you in any way possible. You are more than welcome to also reach out to the national office via