You can make a difference. To change our community, it takes many people who are passionate about reaching these young people. There is a place and a level for everyone to get involved!


ARE YOU INVOLVED WITH A SCHOOL, CHURCH, OR RECREATION CENTER AND WANT TO START A NEW GROUP AT YOUR LOCATION? Click here for more information about being a club leader or an assistant leader.

lend a hand…or a voice!

We are always in need of additional volunteers, guest speakers and ambassadors to help us reach at-risk kids. This can be hands-on help with young people but it can also be support staff help such as providing snacks or chaperoning an event or helping to promote the cause. Contact Us if you are interested in helping.

join our next fundraising event

not everyone has the time or gifting to be a club leader, but everyone can help with fundraising to some degree. whether it is helping to run a fundraising event, being a sponsor donor or simply participating in the fundraiser, your help is greatly appreciated! Check out our upcoming fundraisers or click here to donate



This program is almost entirely funded by the donations of people like YOU. We have no operating overhead so every dollar you give goes towards funding a student for a year. Check out the many different ways you can give here or click below to make a donation.


Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about this program. Encourage young people to be a part. Share the vision with someone who would make a great mentor. We appreciate any and all help in getting the word out to people in our city. With your help, we can get the message to more people than ever!